Are women delaying life milestones in favour of Cosmetic Surgery?

Are women delaying life milestones in favour of Cosmetic Surgery?

14 August 2015

Until one of us works out how to grow a money tree, we all have to live within our respective budgets – no fun, but true.  For most, this means prioritising big purchases like a car or a house, but according to a recent survey from America there’s a new item cropping up on our wish lists: Cosmetic Surgery.

In the race to stay young and beautiful it seems women are delaying major milestones in order to first afford Cosmetic Surgery. The study asked women who had contacted a Surgeon about the compromises they had made in order to undergo a procedure and found around half of the ladies had put off a significant purchase or event in favour of Cosmetic Surgery.

Delaying a holiday was the most common response, though milestones like home improvements, marriage and having children all featured on the list.

“The driver is a very strong cultural factor and personal factor – improvement, our culture is somewhat obsessed with self,” one of the researchers explains, “there is this expectation, for better or worse, that has been shifted onto us all.”

Though the situation is also just to do with careful financial planning. As self-improvement is such a cultural expectation, Cosmetic Surgery is something more women are factoring into their life plan, and they’re doing it before the long term expense of say a mortgage or a child.

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Image credit: Dmytro Zinkevych/ Shutterstock