Are you making this common skin care mistake?

9 October 2015

How long have you been using your favourite beauty products for? One year, five years, ten years? We all have our stock favourites when it comes to cosmetics, but what worked for your complexion in your teens and 20s is entirely different to the nourishment your skin needs in your 30s and 40s. So your beauty regime should be completely different too.

Here’s a quick guide to the different treatments you should be thinking about as you age.

  • 20s

While we’d all love to think spots and break-outs were a relic of our teenage years, adult acne can persist as far as your 40s. Because the triggers of adult acne are usually different from the hormonal causes of teenage pimples, the way you treat your skin needs to change. The PPx laser is a highly effective treatment for acne, using light therapy to sooth angry blemishes and clear your complexion.

If you’ve been left with scarring from acne the Dermal Roller is another treatment that can help. The micro needling stimulates the body’s natural healing processes helping to heal scars and dramatically improving the tone and texture of skin.

  • 30s

It’s time to get serious about your skin care regime in your 30s, gone are the days when you can skip cleansing, toning and moisturising. Paying extra attention to your skin now will pay in dividends later in life.

Skin gets drier in your 30s and a primary concern will be the dullness of your complexion. Skin Peels are the most effective way to brighten your skin tone and get back a youthful glow. By removing the top layers of dead skin cells a peel evens skin tone and leaves the complexion looking fresher and brighter.

The elasticity of your skin will also start to decrease in your 30s, so it’s a good idea to invest in treatments like the Dermal Roller, which boosts collagen production, to combat the decline.

  • 40s

Skin care in your 40s is all about hydration. Opt for serums with active ingredients like retinol and hydrochloric acid to replace the moisture in your skin and pay extra attention to the thin, delicate skin around your eyes.

Lines and wrinkles are an unwanted sign of ageing in your 40s. While many cosmetics promise to reduce their appearance, the most tangible results come from Dermal Fillers and Botox. The injections will smooth the skin making you look fresher and younger; repeat them every 4 – 6 months for the best results.

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Image credit: wavebreakmedia/ Shutterstock