20 August 2014

President and Editor in Chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington looks great for her age but how does she manage to stay looking so young? Well, mainly by following a healthy diet, doing plenty of exercise and by taking great care of her skin. Here are her beauty secrets: - Simple eating habitsThe media mogul commented: I much prefer grilled fish and vegetables over fine cuisines with complicated sauces. I find it easier to eliminate certain food groups than to only have one bite here or there, so I gave up refined sugar years ago. I dont miss it at all. While you may not find it so easy to give up sugar, studies have shown that it is responsible for a large amount of early ageing and can be worse for your skin than smoking, so it is recommended to cut down your intake to protect your skin. - Following a Skin Care regimeThe star swears by great skin maintenance and visits every three weeks for Facials and Medical Microdermabrasion to keep her skin in the best possible condition. She also emphasises the importance of removing make-up before bed each night and recommends getting sufficient sleep every day the most important beauty decision of my day is getting eight hours of sleep. It changes how I feel and how I look. Finally, Arianna Huffington recommends never wearing make-up when travelling on aeroplanes to give your skin the chance to breathe with tips like these, its no wonder she looks so young. Do you know of any other beauty tips that celebrities swear by to keep their skin looking young? Let us know on Facebook.