Arlene Phillips looks more youthful by the day – at 72

Arlene Phillips looks more youthful by the day – at 72

6 July 2015

She’s known for being one of the judges on Strictly Come Dancing – and at 72, it’s fair to say that Arlene Phillips looks pretty amazing. So much so, that when she became the first to leave the new series of Celebrity Masterchef, fans took to Twitter to exclaim how youthful she looked.

One user tweeted: “Arlene Phillips hasn’t had a face lift has she? Her cheeks hardly move”, while another commented: “Bloody hell…how much Botox or surgery has Arlene Phillips had done?”

With so much speculation about her looks, we decided to investigate just how Arlene maintains her youthful look.

One Cosmetic Surgeon shared his opinion: “If she had help, she looks great for 72. Her lower eyelids show reduced laxity as compared to prior photos.”

The Cosmetic Surgeon suggested her youthful look could be due to a combination of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin treatments.

According to the expert, her eyes show signs of a Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal) procedure, while the increased volume in her cheeks is likely the result of Dermal Fillers.

The star has admitted to undergoing Botox in previous years but denied rumours that she’d had a Face Lift.

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