Arm Lift ops top list of requested procedures, Surgeons report

08 January 2014

Womans arm lifting dumbbellBanishing 'bingo wings' was the favourite Cosmetic Surgical procedure of 2013, according to new research, which found that the number of Arm Lift procedures carried out shot up by 473 per cent worldwide. The rise in popularity of Brachioplasty, as it is known medically, is accounted for by people becoming more conscious of the changing appearance of their arms as their weight fluctuates and skin loses its elasticity, according to the researchers from The rise in the recent trend is influenced by the toned arms of high profile women, such as American First Lady Michelle Obama, actresses Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Demi Moore, and daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa. Other procedures which saw soaring enquiries included Male Breast Reduction, for which the number of enquiries more than doubled, no doubt helped by the continued high media profile enjoyed by star-maker Simon Cowell.Caelen King, Chief Executive of, noted that, while Non-Surgical treatments are becoming more prevalent, there was still the need for anyone considering having any Cosmetic Surgery or treatment to thoroughly research both the work they wish to have done, and the background of the Cosmetic Surgeon who will treat them. “Check what aftercare is included as well as how long you may need to be off work or avoiding physical exertion, as this varies for each procedure," she also advised