Army girls’ strict beauty regime

Army girls’ strict beauty regime

12 June 2015

You may think the army is all polished boots and starched uniforms – but that doesn’t mean makeup is forbidden. As you might expect, army women employ a strict beauty regime to keep their skin in tip top condition.

  • Primer for long-lasting makeup

Being in the army means no time to reapply your makeup throughout the day. Instead, army women swear by a good primer to help control oil production and keep makeup in place all day long.

  • Moisturiser for skin protection

Army Lieutenant Colonel Candice Frost is a total moisturiser advocate. She said: “When you are on a plane for 20 hours, a good moisturiser can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable.”

  • Sculpted brows are the way forward

Minimal makeup calls for precision – and what better way to look well-groomed than by focusing on your brows? An Air Force member recommends outlining brows with cotton buds dipped in concealer for a streamlined appearance.

  • No to foundation, yes to BB and CC creams

When you’re running around all day, foundation can seem a little too heavy and overdone. Instead, BB and CC creams can be used to create a professional and flawless finish, without the cakey-ness of foundation.

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