24 April 2013

Young man shavingSkin faces a daily assault on it which can take a great deal out of it, with factors such as pollution, sunlight, sweat, stress and infections all capable of taking a heavy toll. In an article for the Times of India, five of the most common results of these have been addressed, and solutions offered which can ease the signs attributed to each of them. Acne: High atmospheric humidity, stress and sweating are attributed as main causes of acne, and mean that it can be prevalent in people well beyond their adolescence. But the Times notes that an effective treatment can only be found by medical means, as cosmetic products will not provide a permanent solution. That is more likely to be achieved using the dedicated treatment PPx, which is the only laser treatment authorised for use in such circumstances.Razor burn: A regular pre-shave regime is essential in helping avoid razor burn, the Times says. So washing the face in warm water before shaving helps prepare the skin, while a good quality shaving cream will soften the hair, and prepare the skin for shaving. Shaving can also cause ingrown hair, but this is best avoided by making sure to shave with the grain of the skin. If necessary, a course of laser hair removal can help alleviate this problem. Dark circles: A common sign of a lack of sleep, as well as an unhealthy diet, adjusting what we eat is said to be important in tackling these signs, while the time-honoured cures of a couple of slices of cucumber or wet tea bags over the eyes shouldn't be discounted either. Sunburn: The effects of ultra-violet radiation on the skin are well documented, but are also easy to counter, by use of a sunblock before venturing out into the sun, and the use of a moisturiser, possibly containing vitamin E, afterwards, helps ease burning and stop skin drying out. Dry skin: A combination of cold temperatures and working in air-conditioned environments is being blamed for many such outbreaks. And again, a good quality moisturiser is essential for combating its effects. Read the full article here:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/beauty/5-most-common-skin-problems-and-solutions/articleshow/19708150.cms