Article shows how foods can affect your looks

30 April 2013

Woman eating chocolate eclairEating too much sugar can have dire consequences for your skin. That's according to an article on The Huffington Post website, which has listed the effects of 11 common foods and ingredients, and the toll which an excess of any of them can take on the body. For instance, sugar can make skin look stiff and inflexible by attaching itself to the collagen in the skin, and hampering its work in helping skin stay wrinkle-free and young-looking.Salt can have equally bad consequences, dehydrating the skin, and making it look worn out over time – and the same can be said for caffeine and alcohol, the article points out. Too much sweet food can inflame the skin and make it look wrinkled and old – while artificial sweeteners aren't necessarily much better, resulting in people suffering from sweet cravings, as well as being blamed for causing headaches and pain in the joints. Meanwhile, a high-carb diet can also take a toll on your looks, again by attacking the collagen in the skin. And too much fried food can also result in the same deficiency, leaving the skin vulnerable to wrinkles and looking worn out.