06 July 2010

Britain's most controversial artist, Tracey Emin, recently unveiled her latest work - her new 34DD bust, following long-awaited breast reduction surgery. The 46-year-old artist, who is best known for displaying her unmade bed as an art exhibition, told the Daily Mail she turned to cosmetic surgery after her breasts continued to grow throughout her life, causing her headaches as well as pain to her back and neck."I was a 34G. I lost a stone on the diet but my breasts were getting bigger. This was causing problems that could get worse as I approach the menopause," Tracey said. The artist revealed that she was flat-chested as a teenager, but her breasts increased in size after she started taking the pill. "They grew out of control. My grandmother had a 46in chest, it runs in the family," she said. Tracey is one of a growing number of women choosing breast surgery to reduce an oversized bust, which can be caused by hormone changes and the natural effects of ageing, or occur following weight loss or pregnancy. According to a recent study by the Mirror, Britain's average breast size is getting bigger, meaning sufferers like Tracey needed to seek out larger support bras until they are able to undergo treatment. "I'm now a happy 34DD without neckache, without backache and headaches," Tracey said, and revealed that she was not keeping quiet about her successful boob job. "I've not kept it secret. I've been out celebrating."