10 November 2008

Celebrity twin Ashley Olsen wants to get plastic surgery - and she wants her identical sister, Mary-Kate to join her when she goes under the knife for a breast enlargement.

However, according to cosmetic surgery news site Cosmetic Surgery Bible, Mary-Kate isn't so enthusiastic - in fact, she is unwilling to undergo any form of plastic surgery as yet.

Rumours suggest that Ashley wants her sister to undergo an identical procedure so they can both deny ever having had surgery and that their bodies simply filled out naturally. At 22, however, it is unlikely this would be the case for most women.

Star Magazine was told by a friend of the twins that Ashley "wants to be more voluptuous".

"She told Mary-Kate that she wanted her to get one at the same time so that it wouldn't be glaringly obvious.

"That way, they could say that they had just both matured and were filling out naturally."

Ashley Olsen's consideration comes at a time when many celebrities are being railed against for hiding the fact that they have undergone cosmetic procedures. Most recently, former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne struck out at stars disguising their treatments, comparing Australian Academy Award-winner Nicole Kidman's forehead to a "flatscreen TV" and appealing to celebrities to be honest about what they have had done.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are best known for starring in the role of Michelle Tanner in US sitcom Full House. Both twins have been the subjects of much media scandal during their long years in the spotlight after bursting onto our screens at a young age. They also successfully manage a clothing line as well as busy acting careers.