20 August 2009

Plastic surgeons in the United States are reporting a new trend of Asian men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to make themselves look younger.Asian Week reports that an increasing number of Asian American men are undergoing procedures such as facelifts and eye bag removal in order to retain a more youthful appearance into middle age. Increasing amounts are also being spent on non surgical solutions. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has disclosed that 866,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on Asian men in 2008, an increase of 290 per cent since 2000. This corresponds to a 239 per cent increase in Hispanics and 145 per cent increase for African Americans in the same period. Women are still 10 times more likely to undergo surgery than men, but cosmetic surgery for men is an increasingly popular industry. Los Angeles surgeon Dr. George Sun reveals: "Five years ago, 5 percent of my Asian patients were male, now it is about 10 percent." Dr. Sun noted that 60 per cent of his clients are over 40 years old, but surgeons are increasingly treating younger clients from their late 30s to 50s. Many of these surgical procedures are carried out for work related reasons, as clients wish to appear youthful and energetic in the workplace. Dr. Sun also suggests that the importance of the Asian economy to the United States has allowed Asian Americans to develop a confident self-image that they wish to keep. Dr. Sun explains: "It's not like 20 years ago. Their confidence level is up and they want to maintain it."