01 November 2012

Acknowledging that people are increasingly contemplating ways of enhancing their appearance, a Detroit-based lifestyle website asked several of the city's leading cosmetic surgery practitioners to outline the relative pros and cons of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Hourdetroit.com acknowledges that "when you're looking for treatment to 'turn back the clock' or give you a more attractive appearance, the number of cosmetic options can be daunting".Points in favour of non-surgical procedures such as Botox, it says, include that they are cheaper, involve less recovery time, and can achieve great results without the need for complex operations. Yet, it acknowledges, surgical procedures such as eye or face lifts have been greatly refined in recent years. This means that longer-lasting results can be achieved using minimally invasive techniques which produce fewer scars, as well as longer-lasting results. But ultimately, the choice should involve undergoing a consultation, the article noted, in order to come to an educated decision. At this point, any would-be patient should be sure to draw up a list of questions to ask, and be sure to get all of them answered.