18 July 2013

ks142403Choosing the right practitioner is just as important as choosing the correct type of procedure, according to a Nashville plastic surgeon. Dr Alexander Nein believes the biggest decision to make has nothing to do with appearance. The decision to have cosmetic surgery is like any other significant medical decision in life. Relying on chance is not the way to go.“As with any surgery, the single most important factor in the success of cosmetic plastic surgery is the surgeon you select,” he said. Dr Nein adds the best decisions are the ones that are informed properly – and the way to do that in cosmetic surgery is to have a doctor willing to discuss all the options and outcomes with you. “The discussions with a surgeon are an important process,” he says. “You should not take this aspect of the process lightly. As a patient with any doctor, you should feel comfortable discussing your desires and expectations. “Be certain [that] you fully understand the procedure, [such as] where [the surgery] will be performed, the expected recovery time and the real risks of the procedure.” According to Dr Nein, the doctor checklist to follow is:
  1.  Board certified in plastic surgery
  2.  Comfortable discussing your desires and expectations
  3.  Answers your questions accurately
  4.  Focused on your best interests, in your health, safety and happiness
  5.  Medical team is highly qualified
  6.  Surgical facility is accredited
  7.  A warm and caring staff?
  8.  A caring bedside manner
  9.  Thorough follow-up after the procedure