12 June 2013

Red carpet visualAn aspiring actor has gone through more than two hours of fillers and Botox in order to look like his idol Ryan Gosling. Nicholas Ryan, 32, from New Jersey in the US, spent $5,000 (around 3,191) on the injections which he hopes will help him make the big time.I wanted was more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling, said the actor. I'm going for roles that demand a more rugged look in a man's face. My favourite Ryan Gosling movie is Gangster Squad, a role that suits that type of heroic face. Women love Ryan Gosling... He's got a look that a lot of people in America are looking for right now, especially in my line of work. Im hoping I'll get more auditions and roles if I look more like Ryan Gosling. That's why I had the surgery. Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Tim Neavin operated on Mr Ryan. He specialises in Hollywood transformations and facial remodelling. The patient already shares some similarities with Ryan Gosling, but has some deficiencies, so we built those areas out to give him that squared-off jaw Ryan Gosling made famous, he said. During the procedure, Dr Neavin filled out the temples and put a little Botox around the brow. He then injected product along the cheek junction, to make it a little smoother. He added that this is not the first time he has been asked to make someone look more like the Blue Valentine actor and said men often turn up at his surgery with picture of the star.