Attractiveness comes down to science

9 April 2015

Have you ever wondered why some people just ooze attractiveness? Whether they’re totally vain or completely modest, the fact of the matter is that some people are always going to be seen as more beautiful – and for that we have science to thank.

New research shows that facial symmetry acts as a signal to potential partners that we have good genes. People with symmetrical facial features are generally found to be agreeable, conscientious and extrovert, making it easier for them to make friends and get ahead in their careers.

And it’s not just symmetry which is responsible for how we perceive beauty; a man’s finger length can tell you a lot about his testosterone levels. The longer the difference in length between a man’s ring finger and his index finger, the higher his testosterone level will be. This equates to a higher sperm count and therefore increased fertility and the likelihood of passing on better genes.

A long ring finger isn’t always a good sign though. Scientists at Oxford University found that these men tend to be the most promiscuous while men with similar length fingers are more likely to be faithful in their relationships.

As far as body shape goes, it’s not about whether you’re curvy or slim – it’s all about your waist to hip ratio. Surveys show that men favour a waist to hip ratio of 7:10 on women; interestingly, this ratio is linked to better fertility. When it comes to women’s preference however, the ideal man has a waist to hip ratio of 9:10, a more pronounced jaw, broad chin and heavy brow line.

Finally, your voice and mouth play a part in your rate of attractiveness too. Men like women to have high pitched voices, which signify youth. They also prefer women who smile, whereas women rate men as more attractive if they have a deeper voice and show less emotion.

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Image Credit Attribution: Scrofula/ iStock/ Thinkstock