Audrey Hepburn’s son reveals the star’s beauty secrets

Audrey Hepburn’s son reveals the star’s beauty secrets

17 June 2015

Fashion and film icon Audrey Hepburn was (and still is) the envy of women around the globe. With her perfect hair and flawless skin, the star could do no wrong. Now, you can achieve Audrey’s coveted complexion for yourself – as her son Luca Dotti reveals the secrets to her beauty regime.

  • Hydration

Audrey was a prime advocate of hydration, encouraging everyone around her to drink more water and eat plenty of water-containing vegetables.

  • Detox day

On detox day, Audrey’s diet consisted of yoghurt, water, vegetables and fruit. Luca said: “She did it once a month, but usually to get over a jet lag, because you feel bloated after many hours sitting on a plane. Like a lot of people, she was coming back from trips in Africa and was exhausted – this would help with that.”

  • Joie de vivre

Audrey was well known for her zest for life. She became excited by learning and stumbling across new things and lived each day as if it were her last. Luca commented: “My mother, she was really interested in living the day. She was very interested in life. Even when she was in bed, she was saying oh, when I get better, we have to go to Australia. It’s beautiful there.”

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