22 February 2011

Shane Warne, Sam Newman, and Paul Hogan are all famous Australian men who have reportedly turned to cosmetic surgery and non-surgical solutions to stave off the visible effects of getting older. One-time world record wicket-taking spin bowler Shane Warne has had his teeth whitened, ex-Aussie Rules footballer and now actor Sam Newman had Botox live on air, and Paul Hogan, best known for his role as Michael Crocodile Dundee is rumoured to have had a face lift. But its not just these three Aussie icons that have taken advantage of cosmetic advances - according to a report published in the Sydney Morning Herald 20 per cent of all patients are men. This is an increase of 10 per cent on the same figures from five years ago and experts say that 10 years ago the very few male patients undergoing surgery did so for medical reasons. Chris Moss, consultant plastic surgeon in Melbourne, said: Now we get a lot of men coming in for things like rhinoplasty, upper and lower eyelid lifts, neck lifts and then things like Botox and fillers. Moss attributes the rise in men opting for cosmetic surgery to reality television shows that have removed the taboo, saying that it has become a bit more normal and therefore less intimidating for men to go down that path.