08 February 2013

Blimey Bruce! It seems that the average Australian man is increasingly keen to rid himself of unwanted body hair, and is happy to turn to laser hair removal clinics to have the work done. Rather than go through the pain and expense of regular waxing, the experts at one of the country's largest groups of laser clinic operators say that there is a growing trend for men to opt for the longer-term results produced by such surgery.But, they say, men should not expect to get lasting results with a single treatment, and still need to be prepared to undergo a course of several sessions. "Men's skin tends to be thicker, they have more muscle mass and the hair tends to be coarser, therefore it takes more treatments to permanently reduce the hair in comparison to women," said a representative of one group of clinics with branches across New South Wales. Yet this persistence will pay off in the long run, they add, because laser hair removal treatment is more effective in the long term at permanently removing unwanted hair. But to aid the process, the advisers suggest a number of dos and don'ts. Firstly, 12 hours before undergoing their treatment, men should shave the area to be treated, which will help the hair follicle under the skin's surface to absorb the laser. But for a fortnight before their appointment, men shouldn't wax, tweeze or pluck the area, keep it out of the sun, and avoid having any cosmetic injections or other skin treatments, as a laser cannot be used on broken skin.