01 May 2012

A new system is set to be established in Australia aimed at helping people find suitably qualified cosmetic surgery professionals. The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery will announce a new cosmetic industry code of practice at a conference due to be held in Cairns tomorrow. The new official seal of approval will be given to clinics that comply with the various standards set down by the organisation.ACCS president Colin Moore told Australia's 9News: "It protects them through a high level of standards that increase transparency and information. "It empowers patients because through better information, their ability to make informed decisions about their care is improved." Mr Moore said one reason for introducing the new code of practice was to try and stop the use of marketing techniques encouraging consumers to "buy now". He said there were many factors that should be properly considered before a person commits to cosmetic surgery. The three-day Cosmetex conference will see professionals from across the industry gather together to discuss the latest developments in the sector and discuss everything from liposuction and facial rejuvenation techniques to body contouring. See original report here: