Australian men follow trend and increasingly consider cosmetic surgery

04 November 2009

A new study has found that cosmetic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with one third of Australian men revealing that they would consider cosmetic surgery treatments.PR Web reports that an independent survey of 1,500 people was carried out on behalf of Australia's Victorian Cosmetic Institute. The survey found that men are two times more likely than women to have plastic surgery for professional reasons, believing that looks are increasingly important in securing a better job and advancing in a competitive career. Male respondents were also found to be four times more likely to undergo surgery due to pressure from their partner, and two and a half times more likely than women to choose cosmetic surgery following a divorce. Dr Gavin Chan of the Victorian Cosmetic Institute was not surprised by these findings. She explained: "This is in line with a University of Sydney study that found that ‘lookism’ is on the rise and your physical appearance is more important than previous experience in some trades. "As procedures become less intrusive and expensive, men are more willing to incorporate them as a regular part of their daily regime. Now like going to the gym, moisturizing or brushing your teeth - having Botox injections, a chemical peel or a dermal filler are fast becoming a normal part of their day-to-day lives. "Men are realizing that they can reinvent themselves and there is no stigma attached anymore to having work done."