18 March 2010

A new survey has found that women in Australia over the age of 40 are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to help them date men at least 10 years younger than themselves.Research carried out by the Victorian Cosmetic Institute found that 37 per cent of women aged over 40 are embracing plastic surgery in their quest to turn back the clock and date younger men. The study of 1,321 women found that the tummy was the most hated part of the body among 54 per cent of respondents, followed by the thighs (14 per cent), buttocks (seven per cent) and breasts (also seven per cent).Liposuction was found to be the most popular cosmetic treatment among women looking to tackle their body issues, followed by face lifts and laser hair removal. According to cosmetic surgeon Dr Terri Labberton, many women are choosing cosmetic surgery in order to help them look as young as they feel. "Its amazing how many would-be Cougars visit the surgery, looking to take years off themselves in order to attract a younger model," Dr Labberton said. "Many say they still feel like theyre in their 20s, so want a body and a man to reflect that feeling." Dr Labberton also advised women over 40 on other key areas they may wish to tackle when looking to turn back the years, including treatments for sagging elbows and sun spots.