24 September 2010

Following the recent introduction of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) register for injectable treatments, many industry professionals have expressed their concern that not enough people are checking the credentials of cosmetic clinics. Whilst it is hoped that the IHAS register of quality marked practitioners will help people to avoid the dangers of putting their treatment in the hands of 'cowboy clinics' or of individuals who are neither properly qualified nor trained � industry professionals warn that the government does not currently regulate companies who sell Botox and other injectables directly to patients. Speaking yesterday at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), president and consultant plastic surgeon Nigel Mercer said that more needed to be done to help inform patients about the risks associated with wrongly administered non surgical line and wrinkle treatments. Dr Mercer labelled current legislation that allows people with only half a day's training to inject patients"madness" and explained that whilst Botox is a safe product it is a "very potent neurotoxin" and, if injected wrongly, could cause temporary paralysis. The BAAPS president also blasted companies that offer to send out Botox � a prescription product � and other injectables to customers, with instructions on how to self inject. "Within the UK you could all inject each other � you are not breaking the law," Dr Mercer said, "That's where we have gone barking mad ".