17 September 2013

Woman in bra and knickers pinching tummy fleshGetting rid of the signs of their 'baby body' is given as the prime reason why increasing numbers of American women are looking to improve their looks using cosmetic means. The Baltimore Sun reports how, after having four children, one woman got fed up with the skin on her stomach looking like "an inflated balloon", and with trying to hide it under a series of shapewear garments. So Crystal Neilson underwent surgery to lift and enlarge her breasts, had a tummy tuck to flatten her stomach, and chose a course of liposuction to banish her 'love handles'.As a result, Neilson told the newspaper, "I look better now than I did when I was 19". And President-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Robert X Murphy, said that the kind of procedures Neilson underwent are now far more socially acceptable, even earning the widely-used modern term 'mommy makeovers'. His organisation notes that Breast Augmentations have increased 35 per cent in the past decade, breast lifts by 69 per cent and tummy tucks by 70 per cent. And he attributes much of the growth of these procedures to influence from peers, as increasing numbers of women see the fantastic results achieved on their friends. In a social circle, if one person has done it, then somebody else may get a little more inquisitive and they might follow through with [a similar surgical procedure] too, Murphy said.