27 July 2009

It has been discovered that baby boomers continue to the boost the cosmetic surgery industry despite the current economic climate.According to the Northwest Herald, the American cosmetic surgery market has been seeing growth since spring this year, when the economic downturn appeared to slow down. While baby boomers are not the only demographic responsible for this change, they represent a large number of those who are spurring the trend partly due to their current age. Speaking to the Northwest Herald, Mark Berman, Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon who is president-elect of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, said: "A lot of the economy moves with the baby boom. "What Ive been telling a lot of my colleagues who are somewhat disappointed and fearful of this down economy is: Sit tight." The economic climate has also affected the type of cosmetic procedures chosen, with a larger number of people currently electing non-surgical procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. A September study from the Freedonia Group - an international research company - found that Botox had the fastest growth rates. Figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that 12.1 million cosmetic procedures took place in 2008 and, while these figures represent a 9 per cent decline in surgical procedures, they also saw a 5 per cent increase in non invasive treatments. However, demand for cosmetic procedures is overall expected to increase by 8.4 per cent annually through 2012. Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon Jean Lotus told the Northwest Herald that she believed cosmetic surgery "will pick up sooner than the rest of the economy." She explained: "The whole reason cosmetic surgery works is because people are willing to spend money to change something in their body that changes the way that they feel about themselves, that substantially and dramatically improves their own lives."