\'Baby boomers\' happy to have age-defying treatments

14 November 2013

With more than 80 million of them around in America, and many enjoying the fruits of a more prosperous life than their parents, the country's 'baby boomer' generation is increasingly looking to stay looking and feeling young for as long as they can. So writes psychologist Dr Scott Smith in a blog post for Maryland state newspaper the Capital Gazette. Smith, himself one of the generation born in the post-war years of 1945 to 1964, notes that "there is little disagreement that boomers live by the philosophy, 'I dont want to grow old!' He says that, while they may be "the most physically active generation in history", they have also grown up with the notion that "everything can be fixed".{C} And with the massive range of surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments now available to them, there is no reason why this still-vibrant and generally prosperous age group shouldn't continue to enjoy all the activities they have pursued for many years. If that means having a little surgical help to enable them to do so, then, says Dr Smith, this should be encouraged, because: "Chronological age doesn't mean as much as it used to." "What is clearly more important is the state of mind and beliefs a person holds about engaging in life."