17 April 2012

Baby boomers, those born during the post-War “boom”, are not ‘built to grow old gracefully’ and they are spending more on healthcare than their parents did. This is according to a report published, which also states that healthcare includes everything from physiotherapy to cosmetic surgery procedures. The article, written by Michael Arloski, Ph.D, says that “their impact on the marketplace for health and wellness products and services is huge and unprecedented”.The baby boomers are a source of interest for scientists and sociologists, and Mr Arloski believes that when we are born, and into what sort of world or society, affects our “lifestyle choices”, and influences whether or not we realise that “we are in charge of our own health”. For baby boomers, Mr Arloski believes that building confidence and self-efficacy are key to being healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices. See original story here: