21 January 2013

Scrummy Canuck Jillian Harris, one of the biggest stars of long-running American reality TV series Bachelor Nation, has gone public about her nose surgery. She told gossip site that speculation and comments about her appearance, suggesting that she had undergone an array of different procedures had driven her to tears, and eventually prompted her to set the record straight. Having moved on from Bachelor Nation to a host of other presenting jobs, most recently Love It Or List It, which comes from her native city of Vancouver, Jillian has admitted that the stream of speculation about her appearance had got her down."Fans on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette forums were like 'she's had her whole face done'. And I'm like 'calm down guys, it's not that big a deal. It was just my nose,'" Jillian said. The 33-year-old said that her decision to go under the knife was partly taken to fix her nose, which she had broken many years earlier. "I was really concerned and wanted it to look natural and I wanted it to still look like me. [The surgeon] did a really great job," she disclosed. No one in the cast of crew of the show she was working on at the time realised she had had the nose job and even her parents couldn't tell she had gone under the knife," Jillian claimed. After her experience at the hands of gossip-mongers, though, she says she doesn't plan to have any more surgery for the time being. "Maybe when Im 40, Ill reanalyze the situation," she said. "But for now, Im happy."