07 October 2011

AA032392Continued growth of the plastic surgery market is in large part due to mummy makeovers, says one plastic surgeon. Dr Thomas Lintner, a cosmetic surgery in Atlanta, USA, believes that of the 1.6 million surgical procedures recorded by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in 2010, a large proportion were probably women looking to regain their pre-pregnancy figures.And with children going back to school recently, Dr Lintner believes that now is the time that many women will think of as the best opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure. The women that I meet with daily are not looking for perfection, they just want to look their best, and still be a wonderful, active mother. They are looking for balance and proportion and are hoping to address concerns that cant be remedied in the gym, said Dr Lintner. He has seen an increase in demand for plastic surgery in Atlanta and in particular procedures associated with the physical effects of childbirth such as liposuction, breast uplift surgery and breast augmentation. He has also seen a rise in the popularity of combination procedures which reduces recovery time for the patient most of whom are busy mums. A mommy makeover can restore a little self confidence that sometimes is lost after having multiple children. That confidence spills over into all aspects of their lives and can really make a positive difference, he added.