02 April 2013

Female doctor talking to patientThe UK government is planning to bring in new rules which will let only medically-qualified professionals administer Botox injections. The news emerged over the weekend, and the Mail on Sunday newspaper, in its coverage, claimed it was a victory for a campaign which it had been running urging tighter controls on the cosmetic surgery sector. It said 370,000 Botox injections were given in the UK in 2010. And bearing this large growth in the popularity of these non-surgical solutions in mind, an EU committee last week published a draft guideline laying down who could legally offer cosmetic procedures, and where they could be carried out. The guideline was welcomed by Treatments You Can Trust, an umbrella group representing private medicine and treatment providers. Spokeswoman Sally Taber called the EU's proposed standard "brilliant", and added: "It is a sensible and ethical suggestion to protect patient safety." A report commissioned by the government which is expected to outline suggestions for improving safety for cosmetic surgery patients is expected to be published soon.