Banish Acne scars and wrinkles with Micro-Needling

Banish Acne scars and wrinkles with Micro-Needling

25 November 2014

Treating Acne is one thing, but attempting to remove the scars you’ve been left with as a result of this skin condition is another – however, there is an effective remedy in the treatment known as Micro-Needling.

Also used in the reduction of wrinkles, Micro-Needling works by creating millions of small micro-perforations on the skin - with needles of varying depths used to correct different issues.

A full-face treatment lasts approximately 25 minutes, but Micro-Needling is suitable for other parts of the body including the stomach and neck or for cellulite and Stretch Marks.

“It can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It can improve Acne scarring. It can minimise any pigment or colour differentiation that you see on the skin and make it a more uniform confluent colour,” explained Robert M Kimmel, MD at US-based Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Micro-Needling typically requires a course of at least three treatments in order for the results to be fully effective, and may need touching up once a year.

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