Banish Acne with these foods

Banish Acne with these foods

30 May 2016

Banish Acne with these foods

There may be little evidence to support that certain foods cause Acne, but did you know that by making small changes to your diet, you can reduce your unwanted Acne blemishes? Here are six foods to eat to banish those pesky spots for good.

  • Watermelon and cucumber

Food high in water helps to boost your skin’s hydration, which is good news for many skin conditions including Acne. Up your body’s water levels by drinking eight glasses a day and increasing your intake of foods like cucumber and watermelon.

  • Fatty fish

Tuna, sardines and salmon all contain omega 3, known as fatty acids. These healthy fats promote cell turnover, giving you a rejuvenated appearance. A 2012 study also found that fish oil can help to combat Acne as it reduces inflammation.

  • Probiotics

This friendly bacteria is found in yoghurt and has been proven to reduce inflammation and sebum production and prevent clogged pores – all leading to a reduction in Acne.

  • Cashews

Research has shown that people with low levels of zinc in their blood often have severe Acne. So reduce your breakouts by munching on cashew nuts. Rich in zinc, they help to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system, improving the appearance of spots. You can also increase your intake of zinc by eating beef and shellfish.

  • Strawberries

Strawberries contain alicylic acid and are rich in antioxidants, making them the ideal food choice for improving the appearance of Acne. Enjoy a more even skin tone and reduced breakouts.

  • Green tea

Rich in antioxidants such as EGCG, scientists in South Korea have found that drinking green tea throughout the day can lead to a reduction in the size of the sebaceous glands, helping to decrease sebum production.

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