Base plastic surgery decisions on “experience, experience, experience”, says expert

04 March 2011

Experts in the plastic surgery industry have revealed that the most important thing for consumers to look for when choosing a surgeon is experience. In an interview with online resource American Health and Beauty, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Gregory Buford, said: “What's most important is experience, experience, experience. The bottom line is if a surgeon produces a sub-optimal result, it doesn't matter how nice they were or if they had a great bedside manner. You need to look for someone who not only gets great results but who gets consistent results." Dr Buford also recommends that you choose a specialist wherever possible, so if you’re looking to have nose reshaping surgery or breast implants, pick a surgeon who has lots of experience in that area, and do the same for every other procedure. In many cases, important decisions need to be taken during surgery, based on the individual being treated, and this is where experience becomes invaluable.