BB vs CC vs DD creams

6 April 2015

If you’re new to Skin Care, you’ll need to get to grips with your BB, CC and DD – that’s beauty balm, correct and cover, and disguise and diminish.

Sounds great, but what do they all do? Well, beauty balms (BB creams) are ideal for using as a primer and moisturiser in one. They originated in Germany as a single product which offered both the benefit of protecting skin while providing even and long-lasting coverage.

CC creams, or correct and cover creams, offer Anti-Ageing benefits to the user. Their lightweight texture goes on smoothly, concealing those fine lines and wrinkles and correcting the appearance of any unwanted blemishes.

For a ‘do all’ product, look no further than DD creams. These clever formulas disguise and diminish your flaws, providing you with even coverage, smooth finish and picture perfect skin.

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Image Credit Attribution: Voyagerix/iStock/Thinkstock