09 September 2009

Big Brother 10 winner Sophie Reade is considering spending some of her prize money on cosmetic surgery. The 20 year old winner has already undergone breast enlargement surgery, and is planning further procedures. When asked by the Sun if her busty appearance was influenced by Katie Price, Sophie responded: "I'm better than Jordan."I wouldn't want to be the same as Jordan, because I wouldn't want copy what someone else has done." She did reveal that she would "really like to do a reality show" with fellow BB housemate Siavash Sabbaghpour if the public wanted it, and confessed: "Siavash looks like Peter Andre, so you never know! We're both single." The 20 year old admitted her desire for further cosmetic surgery procedures when she entered the house in June. Winning the 70,000 prize with 70 per cent of the public vote, Sophie stated that she planned to give some of her winnings to housemate Charlie Drummond, to help his ill mother - but she also has her sights set on hair extensions and a second boob job. Sophie's relationship with hunk Lothario Kris Donnelly was a major source of gossip in the house, but she remains tight lipped about how far things went before his eviction, stating: "That's for me to know and you to find out." Sophie confided in Noirin Kelly that the two had had sex, but later claimed that this had been a lie. Sophie has also stated her plan to move into a flat with Siavash and Rodrigo Lopes.