27 August 2010

Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton revealed her vulnerable side when she broke down in the house and spoke publically about the reasons she felt her marriage to singer Preston didn't last. The glamour model returned to the show for the final series, and has also discussed her breast enlargement and other cosmetic treatments while competing for the crown of the Ultimate Big Brother housemate. Chantelle sprang to fame in 2006 as the first 'ordinary contestant' to feature in Celebrity Big Brother, and two years after winning the show she had a boob job to take her up to a 32FF.Not that it was the first time Chantelle had dabbled with cosmetic surgery, having previously had collagen injections and Botox to achieve her desired appearance and aid her modelling career. In an interview with the Metro, Chantelle said she still thinks about her relationship with Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston, who she met in the house and subsequently married. "I think we would have lasted a lot longer if we hadnt got married," the 27-year-old admitted. "But the thing is I was young, I was 22, Id gone on Big Brother Id never met anyone like Preston. "Give him his due he treated me amazingly. He looked after me. But it all just went a bit wrong. I literally left my mums on the morning of going on Big Brother and I never went home." Now back in the house for the final time, Chantelle is competing with other former favourites such as Makosi. According to the Sun, the two busty BB babes compared their cleavages in the bathroom mirror on Thursday.