10 October 2013

Consultant and female patientAsking your potential cosmetic nurse or surgeon questions is the best way of ensuring that you get exactly the results you want says a Czech blogger, and we fully encourage this at The Harley Medical Group. In a detailed article on his website, Havirov Sumbark details a range of factors which anyone should consider when going through the stages of deciding whether to undergo a surgical procedure. The advice he gives includes questioning a number of prospective cosmetic surgeons to determine who is best qualified before making a decision.Prospective patients should make enquiries of at least three surgeons before weighing up which one to go with, Havirov writes. He emphasises that it's a good idea to research your desired procedure itself as much as possible: "Locate all published information and facts you can regarding the surgery and recovery so that you are prepared," the article advises. We at the Harley Medical Group also encourage you to see as many 'before and after' photographs of past patients who have been treated by your cosmetic surgeon. "You might find it helpful to talk to somebody who has undergone the procedure youre going to have," Havirov concluded.