20 August 2014

Usually, a business places greater emphasis on brains over beauty – but for women in North Korea, many are seeking Cosmetic Surgery procedures in a bid to secure a job overseas.With demand increasing over the summer, it appears that many young women are rushing to undergo procedures such as Eyelid Surgery and permanent makeup done before the start of a new academic year. While North Koreans were previously expected to adhere to strict dress codes and “avoid any trends seen as anti-socialist”, with Kim Jong-un in power, attitudes have since relaxed, with many becoming more embracing of the modern lifestyle. “The demand on women to look beautiful is much stronger than it used to be,” explained a source in Yangkang Province. “Blepharoplasty [known as double-eyelid surgery, a common procedure in South Korea] and cosmetic tattooing on the eyes and lips are all getting more popular these days.” Additionally, the source also highlighted how minor aesthetic procedures are proving popular women in their 20s, stating nearly “one in five university students will have a Cosmetic Surgery procedure at some point.” The source added: “The notion that ‘beauty brings success’ rings true here, and women understand it better than anyone. The basic sentiment among people wanting to get surgery is that if they can get a better future from it then it makes sense to get it done.” Do you share the same belief? Have you undergone Cosmetic Surgery and enjoyed significant career success as a result of your procedure? Post your experiences on our Twitter page today.