12 June 2013

Beauty editor Janetta Mackay of the New Zealand Herald has capitalised on her many years' experience of following the world's best-looking women to offer a guide to help women stay looking good as they age. She says women under 25 should start with simple steps, such as ensuring that the natural sebum produced by their hair is evenly distributed over their scalp which is best achieved using a natural bristle brush. She also spoke to Auckland-based haircare and skincare company founder Luch Vincent-Marr, whose tip was to ensure that the natural sebum produced by the scalp was gently distributed along the hair fibres to help keep hair healthy and shiny.Women between 25 and 40 should also consider investing in laser hair removal at this time, added Mackay, as they would be likely to get greater benefit from such treatments at this age. Between 40 and 55, women should look to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain their looks, Mackay said, and supplement this with anti-ageing facials and massage sessions. Finally, she points out, as women over 55 can be expected to live for possibly another three decades, they should tackle the reduction in their skin's elasticity by exfoliating regularly, and using skin-toning creams or oils daily.