23 October 2013

Rosacea in cartoonRosacea is not only a skin condition without a proven cure, it presents people suffering from the condition with a challenge of how to conceal the redness and pimples on the face, neck and chest which are its most common symptoms. Careful cleansing, together with limiting exposure to the sun, assiduous reading of the ingredients, and sparing application of make-up items, are among the recommendations put forward by dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman and skin care specialist Katey Denno in an article on Huffingtonpost.com. Although symptoms of rosacea may make it difficult, maintaining a regular skin cleansing regime is recommended by Dr Jaliman, who suggests using a mild cleanser containing ceramides and/or glycerine.Ultra-violet rays are one of the biggest causes of rosacea flare-ups, Dr Jalima added. She suggests always using a sunscreen with non-irritating ingredients. The ingredient labels of every skincare product used should be checked carefully, she said, as a long list of ingredients in fragrance-free products might exacerbate physical skin symptoms. Light and even application of any make-up and concealers is recommended. "It's crucial that the texture you use to cover the breakout area is the same as the remainder of your face", said Denno. "If it doesn't match up, you'll draw even more attention to the outbreak." Rosacea can also be countered effectively using a PPX (photo-pneumatic therapy) laser treatment, such as Isolaz, which is suitable for all skin types, as well as being quick, safe and virtually pain-free. Visible improvements can often be seen in the skin within 24 to 48 hours.