Beauty habits from your grandma

Beauty habits from your grandma

20 April 2015

There’s a plethora of information out there when it comes to beauty – but have you ever thought of looking a little closer to home? Grandmas are always full of pearls of wisdom, especially where beauty is concerned. Here is a round-up of grandma-approved beauty habits:

  • Wear a sun hat

While sunscreen is a definite must, something as simple as wearing a hat while you’re out in the sun will help to provide extra protection from both sun and wind, keeping your skin smooth and damage free.

  • Treat your hands like your face

We’re all about taking care of our face, carefully sticking to our daily Skin Care regime; but what about our hands? They matter too, and require just as much care. So treat both at the same time and slap on the hand cream and sunscreen daily – and don’t forget gloves!

  • Seek quick fixes from your kitchen

People didn’t always have the money to spend on fancy creams and beauty products; nor did they always exist. You can bet your bottom dollar that your grandma turned to her kitchen for a quick beauty fix, be it using cold slices of cucumber to reduce puffiness around the eyes to giving herself a yoghurt facial.

  • Eat for the skin you want

Admittedly, fast food may not have been as prevalent in your grandma’s time but the old saying “you are what you eat” has always rung true. So next time you need a sugar fix, ditch the chocolate bars and look for something with natural sugar such as sultanas. Your body will find it easier to break down natural food, putting less strain on it and keeping your complexion fresh and bright.

What other beauty tips does your grandma recommend? Share your favourites on Twitter today.


Image Credit Attribution: Tuned_In/ iStock/ Thinkstock