05 August 2013

Woman feeling smooth skinDid you know green caviar can help fight the signs of ageing? The foodstuff of the rich and famous has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory qualities. According to the Daily Express, the fish eggs also have the ability to soothe, moisturise and hydrate skin. The newspaper has detailed the dishs unexpected properties in an A to Z of youthful looks.Elsewhere, the list details hyaluronic acid a naturally-occurring component of skin helps hydration and elasticity. It moisturises from the inside, guarding against wrinkles, but as we age natural levels of it decrease. There are a number of serums and moisturisers available that contain it. In at W is water of which you should be drinking at least eight glasses a day. If you are dehydrated your skin will look older, your circulation will be slower and your metabolism more sluggish. At the foot of the list is Zumba. According to the Express an hour of dance-based exercise such as Zumba will burn an average of 800 calories. It tightens and tones your body, incorporating traditional moves such as lunges and squats. You can view the full list here.