26 February 2014

NeedleThe subtle but noticeable differences between smile and frown lines have been laid bare in an article for US Glamour magazine. And one crucial distinction is that, while a smile can easily deflect attention from a few small lines, it is frown lines which are more noticeable and cause concern for many people among them is the magazine's senior Online Editor, Marissa Gold.Gold sought the advice of New York City Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Barry Weintraub, who said that the first lines to appear are usually wrinkles, commonly becoming visible in people aged under 35. "The good news," he added, though, is "a wrinkle can be fixed". He explained how Fraxel Laser treatments are an effective means of reducing their appearance, as they stimulate the skin's cells to produce collagen and elastin, natural substances which promote skin plumpness and flexibility. Having tried the treatment, Gold called it "pretty amazing" and "similar to what Laser Hair Removal feels like". "You'll go to bed with a little redness, and wake up to skin that I swear looks smoother right away", she added. And having used these treatments, Gold also advocated the use of Botox for freezing frown and forehead lines, and Fillers like Restylane or Juvederm to tackle lines between the nose and lip. Which treatments do you find most effective in keeping wrinkles at bay? Let us know on Facebook.