24 October 2013

Woman having laser hair removal on upper lipLaser hair removal is the most effective way of getting rid of most types of facial and body hair growth, concluded a British-based blogger for the high-profile website Huffingtonpost.co.uk after trying most of the methods available. Claire Lynch wrote: "How you remove your body hair is a personal choice to each and every one of us, but one thing remains the same, it's never, ever enjoyable." After recounting her experiences of, and then discounting, shaving, hair removal creams and waxing "Potential cuts and shaving rash", "messy, smelly and don't work for long", and "ingrown hairs" [and] "incredibly painful" being the main disadvantages given - Ms Lynch praises Laser Hair Removal as "the longest lasting removal method to date".She adds, on the basis of her own experience: "The sensation of laser hair removal isn't entirely painless, but depending on your pain threshold it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. I liken it to being pinged by a hot elastic band." When it comes to the results, she says: "Over the course of treatments, you'll notice your hair regrowth lessening and getting finer, and patches of hair free areas increasing. This is totally satisfying to see, as you can see the treatment is doing what it's meant to. "The finished effect of this is smooth skin, usually without even having little dots where the follicle is/was."