12 April 2013

To wax, shave, cream or laser? Which is the best? This question has been addressed by the staff at website, and while they have shied away from coming down in favour of one treatment over the others, they have put down some tips about how to get the best out of each respective method. When it comes to waxing, they say having a drink beforehand to get a little 'Dutch courage' is a definite no-no � and thinking it might help dull the pain is mistaken. "Alcohol tightens pores, making it more painful," Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of�Uni K Wax Centers told the site. Choosing a practitioner who uses good quality wax will, however, make a difference to the pain level, she advised. Shaving, the most basic and commonly-used procedure, can help hair grow back more sparsely, but the site recommends using a hair growth inhibiting product in conjunction with the practice to both moisturise the skin and slow down the rate of re-growth. Finally, they looked at depilatory creams, and couldn't argue against the benefits of a treatment which could easily be self-administered at home. But they also said that users need to be aware that these might irritate sensitive skin � and many have a less than fragrant smell! The advice is to choose a cream which says it is specifically intended for the area to be treated.