14 August 2012

A new procedure called the mini facelift has been created for people who are starting to notice the first signs of aging, but do not want to undergo a full facelift. Anthony Corrado, who works in the Philadelphia area of the US, is one person who performs the treatment and he noted it has a much shorter recovery period than more complicated stated that although the mini facelift is available to people of any age, it is most popular among 40 and 50-year-olds who are just beginning to notice the first signs of aging, but want to stay looking as young as possible. Small incisions are used to lift any sagging skin, while excess facial tissue is also removed, meaning a persons face looks leaner and younger. Dr Corrado said many of his patients are excited about the procedure. It gives patients who are just beginning to show signs of aging an opportunity to give themselves a new look. Often it provides the boost in confidence that they need in order to take on the middle years of their lives, he stated. See the original story here: