16 August 2012

New figures have suggested that Beirut has become the world's capital for plastic surgery, replacing LA at the top of the table. According to a report by the Huffington Post, the capital of Lebanon has overtaken Los Angeles and Miami to become the world's plastic surgery hotspot.It has been reported that demand for cosmetic procedures has grown to such a level, that banks in the country have begun to offer loans to those who would like to undergo an operation or non-invasive treatment, but cannot afford to pay for it outright. Workers under the age of 64 can turn to the First National Bank for advances of between $500 and $5,000. Tummy tucks, skin tightening, breast implant surgery and rhinoplasty are all popular treatments in the country, partly because it is considerably cheaper to have work done in Lebanon compared to other parts of the world. Edouard Abdelnour, a plastic surgeon in Beirut, told the news website: "We are cheap, with a rhinoplasty costing around $2000 and breast augmentation around $4000. "We've seen an increase in 'combined surgery' too in which I'll perform a breast enlargement, a tummy-tuck and a nose-job at the same time." See original story here: