07 July 2010

Singing star Belinda Carlisle recently revealed that she has regular Botox treatments to maintain her wrinkle-free complexion, and would also consider further cosmetic enhancements in the future.Speaking to Closer magazine, the 51-year-old star said: "Yes, I have Botox. Anybody in this industry who says they don't is lying! "I get it every six months, just a little bit." The Grammy Award-nominated star, currently touring the United States with her reformed band The Go-Go's, also said she is not averse to more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, and believes that women who undergo treatments such as face lifts should ensure they achieve a natural-looking result from surgery. "I'm not opposed to tweaking every now and then," Belinda explained. "There's nothing wrong with tweaking - you just have to be careful you don't go too far." Enjoying a successful career both with The Go-Go's and as a solo artist, Belinda struggled with alcohol and other addictions for 30 years before turning her life around. She told the Sydney Morning Herald: "I don't smoke anymore, I don't drink any more and I don't do drugs anymore. I am very much into my Buddhism. I found turning 40 a real passage in time for me." Still holding on to her great looks into her 50s, Belinda's career is still going strong both on and off the stage - with frequent TV appearances on shows such as Dancing with the Stars and her recent appointment as the new spokesperson for NutriSystem.