17 July 2008

Irish Daily Star July 17thWhile the country continues to tie up those purse strings, there is one area where the public stubbornly refuses to cut back thats cosmetic surgery.It seems that even in this economic slump, we are still more concerned with tightening our waistlines than our belts. Latest research has shown that despite cutting back on holidays, house purchases and other large purchases, the Irish public are spending money on their bodies in ever-increasing numbers. With Government ministers trimming the fat from public budgets, the public seems to be following their lead with cutbacks of their own on unsightly bulges and undesirable facial features. The research, carried out by boffins at the Harley Medical Group, show that requests for tummy tucks have risen by almost 60 per cent in the past year with eyelid surgery up 24 per cent. Meanwhile, book jobs are up by 40 per cent and botox ops have doubled. Harley Group director Liz Dale said: Its interesting to see what people cut down on during a credit crunch. Research amongst out patients has shown that despite cutting back across all other areas, people are not cutting back on cash they spend on themselves. We encourage all our patients to think long and hard about their surgery and for many this is something theyve planned for ears. For this reason, theyre unlikely to want to now put this off and instead they consider their procedure to be an investment, Miss Dale explained.