Benefits of Liposuction can change your life

7 March 2015

Liposuction changed a woman’s life after she was diagnosed with Lipedema.

Lipedema is a disease that causes the fat to accumulate in the body, typically in the legs. It can be very painful, and in some severe cases it can affect mobility. Jane Tursic, 45 from Salt Lake City suffered with this disease for many years and after trying dieting, exercise and supplements she tried liposuction – she was amazed with the results and found that it was the only cure.

Liposuction is often associated as a treatment used for losing weight or toning up, but this story suggests that it is also a healing treatment with the ability to change someone’s life. After the Liposuction surgery, Jane Tursic has got her confidence back, she can now exercise and wear the clothes she wants and does not suffer with any pain.

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Image Credit Attribution: VladimirFloyd/iStock/Thinkstock