20 August 2008

The multi-talented Katie Price - also known as top model Jordan and wife of the hunky Peter Andre - has apparently recently undergone a breast reduction operation to take her famous 32Fs down to 32Cs.

I guess when most people think about breast augmentation they think of enlargements, but breast surgery can work both ways. There are lots of people who are unhappy with the size of their breasts because they think they are too big. And while not everyone has assets like Jordon, there are plenty of women who feel that the size of their chest is hampering their enjoyment of day-to-day things.

What's more, an American research company, The Earth Times, recently published a study that showed how breast reduction can improve the physical, emotional and social quality of life for those who get it.

The study involved 100 patients with breast hypertrophy (extremely large breasts) being split into two groups and one of the groups received reduction surgery. The remainder were used as a control ground and guess what? The patients who had the surgery experienced a dramatic decrease in back pain and a significant increase in self-esteem!

Many of these women experienced low self-esteem, as well as social and sexual problems before the reduction and a significant number of the women in the study found that their problems disappeared following cosmetic surgery.

I chatted to Lisa, one of our Harley Street clinic managers, about it over lunch and she said that breast reduction is a life changing operation and that many of our patients feel limited in what they can wear and are so self conscious when it comes to holidays, buying pretty underwear or wearing lovely dresses. Apparently, one of her patients told her that she cried the first time she was able to walk into a high street store and just pick up a string bikini that fitted her new, pert bust. Many of our patients dont realise that a breast reduction also includes an uplift and for girls who have always had larger, heavier breasts this can be an amazing change post surgery; ladies can wear halter neck dresses with no bra and look beautiful!!

Maybe Jordan will find that she's happier with smaller breasts after all, although her ample chest has certainly served her well over the years.